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May 21

MLA 2012: Road Trip to Seattle


Okay, I “borrowed” this image. But it’s for a good reason (I need a picture to kick off the post). Does that make me a bad person?

Well, while you debate, I’ll tell you about an impromptu road trip to Seattle.

Kat decided we should zip down the I-5 to Seattle and drop into the MLA (Medical Library Association) conference and chat up the vendors. This being a long weekend, I figured I could spend a day for the cause. Jaimie and Irene decided to some along. So, bright and early Sunday, we hit the road. Lousy driving weather, but we got down all right. We parked at the convention center (US spelling, ‘cause that’s where we was), signed in for a day pass to the vendors, then off to the Honey Hole for big sandwiches and beer… hey, if I have to “work” on a Sunday, there needs to be beer.

Back at the conference center, started in chatting up the vendors (and scooping up swag).

American Psychological Association -talked to Susan H. Nice chat, but I felt bad when I couldn’t recollect how we access their resources. “In a way, this is good,” I explained. “As I am the problem solving guy, it means I haven’t needed to look at your site very often.” And It’s true, as I pointed out to several vendor reps: If I have a great familiarity with your site, that’s bad news. It means a lot of unhappy patrons have emailed me. Grabbed a pen (made of paper?!) for the swag bag.

Speaking of the swag bag, thank you Better World Books. More guilt here as I scooped up one of your bags, but didn’t get a chance to chat. On the upside, UBC sent a lot of books your way. So„ I don’t feel too bad.

PLoS -Public Library of Science -finally got to meet Donna O. whom I have emailed with for some time. She talked about the ALMs -Article Level Metrics PLoS uses and more importantly, wants to help others use, too. I promised to pass on the info to our Assessment and cIRcle (Institutional Repository) folks. Donna loaded me up with T-shirts and a pen.

JAMA -Journal of the American Medical Association -Matt H. took me through a brief guide to the new SilverChair platform. And he’s putting up the EZproxy stanza on the site. Thanks, Matt! I scooped up a pen. (Note: stanza not up yet -or I can’t find it- but a potentially working stanza is here.

Oxford University Press -not sure these guys were happy to be here. Was able to get a little info on the new Oxford Scholarship Online site (though, not clear if ORO & OHO titles there as well. Will need to investigate). As a co-worker later pointed out, “I think the first guy was the booth’s bouncer, and we didn’t measure up.” Moved on, swagless.

Harrassowitz - nice chat with Kasia S., whom I’m sure I have met at UBC.

Nature - talked to Lisa V. I’ve emailed her in the past. Good to put faces to names. Grabbed a pen.

Alexander Street Press -had a talk with several of the reps, very friendly. Stuck around for brownies and wine. Swag doesn’t get any better!

Allen Press - had a quick chat with Chassidy B. Filed her card away for future reference.

American Association for the Advancement of Science - good talk with the rep there, lots of insight. Grabbed a pen and a pad of paper.

EBSCO - Carol S., very helpful showing me some of the reports out of EBSCOnet and, best of all, where to find webinars and documentation on what EBSCOnet can do. Will add her name to the Contacts. Grabbed a couple pens and a mechanical pencil.

Blood - scooped up a pen.

Springer - had a good chat with David H. about the move to the new Springer site. He passed on a URL so I could get a sneak preview. Picked up a couple pens and an “insulated sleeve to slip over cold beverage containers in order to keep them that way for as long as possible.” Yep, a Springer beer coolie!

Now, you may be asking 1) “What does he need all this swag for?” and 2) “Is that why he went?” The answers are 1) I don’t need it (though, with budget cuts, it’s hard to get a good pen at work), and I don’t keep all of it. I Share with co-workers when I get back. And 2) Not entirely. Swag is the bonus (did I mention this was a Sunday on a long weekend I was giving up?). The reasons I go are that it is great to talk to the vendors, put names to faces I’ve emailed, meet new contacts to help when I run into problems that are bigger than me AND get informed so that I can do my job better.

The highlight of the day? Other than hanging out with some co-workers in Seattle and introducing them to Top Pot Doughnuts? The two conversations I had with Christy J. from U of Utah. She had a poster session "New Opportunities in Managing Electronic Resources" on how she is using CORAL to help manage aspects of eResources. She is using it for workflow management, reports, document management, calendaring of renewals, and more. Lots to think about and investigate. CORAL is Open Source, free and, she assures, problem free.

The trip back home was more lousy weather, but we all agreed it had been a good and productive outing. Stopped for dinner late in Fairhaven. Home by midnight. Now, to haul this swag into work on Tuesday, explore CORAL, review/update contacts, etc., etc., etc.

Apr 13

ER&L: Afterglow

ER&L 2012

Proof it wasn’t all Margaritas and barbeque!

Apr 05

ER&L Day 3: Global Kb, SUSHI, Go! Go! Go!

ER&LLast Day of the conference!

Apr 03

ER&L Day 2: Making Connections, Food & the Road Ahead

ER&LUp at 7:00, breakfast and off to the conference. To quote the first presenter:

This is an unusually cool conference.

I agree.

Got to run. More later…

Apr 02

ER&L Day 1: ERMs, Workflows and The Blues

Up at 7:00, breakfast and off to the off to the conference. Highlights:

ER&L: Day 1 quicky: We are all in the same boat

Just a quick post. Day going great. Hot. Like in the 80’s hot. Many good sessions, all highlighting one very I,portant fact: all the problems and pain UBC is feeling, everyone is feeling. Everyone struggling with Print to e focus and shifting of work. And how this affects staff. So, we are all in the same (leaky?) boat. The solution? Generally, it’s a shifting of expectations. Instead of thinking we’ll reach an end to this transition, realize the “end” is always moving. The transition is the new normal state. Managing the flow of change needs to be the focus. And accepting that job training will never stop. So, spend that JSTP or wharever funding and get out where the learnin’ is.

Apr 01

ER&L Day 0: Man, It’s Hot!

Landed in a sauna here -compared to Seattle- at 5:30pm. Got a quick SupperShuttle ride to the B&B. Wow. My bags hadn’t even hit the floor and I was luvin’ the room. Here’s Austin Folk House and my room.

I’m all registered (6 minute walk to the conference center -have to use the American spelling), and the folks there were having a good time with just the checking in.

Got to go get some food. The real blogging (ER&L Day 1) starts tomorrow.

ER&L: Ready for Take-off

Waiting at the gate in SeaTac (gate has been changed twice, so far. Vancouver weather here, sunny they say in Austin

Saw the “Hunger Games” last night. How related to work? Well, if every year each branch submitted two Tributes…

See you in Austin!

Mar 26

ER&L 2012 Conference in Austin (next week)

ER&L LogoNext week, I am off to Austin, Texas for the 2012 ER&L (Electronic Resources & Libraries) conference. Woo times two!

I vow to try to post daily about the sessions I attend… and any other Austin adventures I have.

Nov 09

Open UBC : Global Open Access Portal

Open AccessHey, I know. Been a couple weeks now.

Just as an extra bit of info for those who want to know more about Open Access, UNESCO has launched the “Global Open Access Portal”. What is it?

The Global Open Access Portal (GOAP), funded by the Governments of Colombia, Denmark, Norway, and the United States Department of State, presents a current snapshot of the status of Open Access (OA) to scientific information around the world." —UNESCO GOAP Website

Under “Access by Region” you can find out what is happening with Open Access in various countries, what “Potential Barriers” there are and see a list of “Major Projects/Initiatives”. Here’s the listing for Canada.